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Created on 2009-05-04 22:17:51 (#283783), last updated 2012-01-25 (299 weeks ago)

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Name:This Is Nerdpunk
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So you like style comms. I know I do. People with awesome places and awesome clothes and awesome opinions.

But maybe you you've been to a Star Trek convention. Maybe you bought that coat because it reminded you of your favorite anime character. Maybe your bookshelves are filled with comics instead of existentialist literature (or existentialist comics, whoa!).

We feel your dilemma. We've been there. Welcome to nerdpunk.


+ No drama, don't be stupid

Golden rule stuff. You hate the fact someone cut their hair like Shinji from Evangelion or has a Hannah Montana poster? Just keep it to yourself. The entire point of this comm is to welcome a wide band of aesthetics and interests, and being silly and making fun of things like that defeats the purpose. There are HOARDS of places on the internet for that kind of behavior. Like 4chan.

+ Don't sell anything here

It's ok if you make things, and that's awesome to see. But we don't want to hear about sales or commissions. Any of that shows up, it's just getting deleted. Too many comms just get overrun with advertisements. Now if someone asks if you sell those little clay hotdogs or elaborate costumes you put in a post, feel free to tell them, or put an "edit: by popular demand asking here's my shop". Use judgment.

+ If you have to apologize for anything in your post, just don't post it

This isn't to be mean. It's just common sense. If you feel the need to apologize, you're probably not ready to post; either by mental unpreparation or crappy pictures or spellcheck being broken. Not saying you have to be a professional photographer or writer or even a good one of either, but if it's not something you're proud of, maybe post something else? The point is to be proud to share something of yourself. Don't be shy. And don't regret.

+ Subculture definition arguments are lame. Don't engage in them.

Arguing over how steampunk something is or how 1337 or how whatever is plain silly. And there are plenty of places for that sort of discussion around livejournal and the internet as a whole. If someone glues a microchip to their head and calls it technoindustrialmodern, let them (and hope the glue is non-toxic). We don't care about labels here.

+ Try to keep it PG-ish

If you're a huge fan of zombies and made your room up to look like a shelter from the apocalypse? Awesome. But detailed pictures of brains and disection? Not so much. Won't get you banned, just asked to fix things up, most likely.

+ No trolling

Don't make us shoot the lolcopter down. Think of the kittens.


+ Intro posts are welcome, but keep them brief

No life stories. Just the main points. If it bores you to read it, it's likely to bore someone else. Edit. Think of how you would introduce yourself in person, but with more pictures (or videos!).

+ Try to stay within the intersection of dorkery/nerdom and style/aesthetic in posting

This is a little dicey, but it's really up to your judgment. If you find yourself writing a diatribe on the rules of Magic: The Gathering, you're probably in the wrong place. Posts simply on style aren't discouraged, but there's a reason you came here. You don't have to pretend you don't own action figures.

+ Don't be shy!

Not going to be all axe-crazy with posts here. Just follow the rules and you'll be fine.
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